Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jan Beaney, Dawn Thorne, Jean Littlejohn, Amarjeet Nandhra, in high spirits at the first Annual Student Summer Exhibition at South Hill Park Arts Centre.

It has been an incredible year!

We have had the most amazing time this year and the highlight for both tutors and students was the Annual end of year exhibition showcaseing the work of our wonderful and dedicated students, which brings me onto taking this opportunity to thank them all for doing such a great job and producing such super work - Thank you.

Our first exhibition as WSTA was opened by the wonderful two textile artists that have inspired and encouraged us in our venture, Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, to whom we are indebted and who continue to excite, inspire all who are fortunate enough to find themselves being taught by them - to Jan & Jean, you are both truly inspirational!
We then had a week of traders, tasters and an array of visitors from all over.  The South Hill Park Art Centre staff bent over backwards to make sure our event was a success and we thank them for all the support they have given us this year. The centre provided a fabulous setting in landscaped grounds and park area, the building and grounds is somewhere to visit if you want to take a light lunch, stroll in the Italian gardens and catch an exhibition or two, or even enjoy an evening at the theatre.  Our students exhibition was housed in the most wonderful white space gallery which  provide the perfect setting for all the students work and traders and workshops could delight in the elegant proportions of the georgian reception rooms.  All in all we can definitely say the exhibition and event was a great success!

 Bitesize taster session in progress during our exhibition. Image transfer and transparency layers, print & stitch.
We decided to try something new this time and offerred a programme of mini taster sessions which proved so popular, more than we had anticipated so we have to extend apologies for those who couldnt get a place, it got quite frantic at one point! We met so many lovely ladies and thank them for making the tasters such good fun to teach.

Go to our Gallery Page -  Gallery - Student Exhibition to see the work of our students.

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Textile Print Processes

Textile Print Processes
dynamic exampes of tutors work to inspire.