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Design & Stitch - Exploring Surface Textures

We thought that all of you out there who might be just waiting for a short course to help you become inspired to have a go at stitched textiles might be interested in our 3 day workshops which could just completely change your life!  ( no, seriously, once bitten with the stitch bug, you can never stop - it just becomes a life enhancing hobby or more.....)  please come and join us at South Hill park for what will be a very inspirational time.

Introduction/course guide blurb :     This Short course is aimed at beginners & those with some experience with stitch.  You may well have some of experience using traditional embroidery methods and approaches or be a complete beginner, whichever category you fit into this course will open and expand your eyes and knowledge into creative stitched textiles and the endless applications to creative rich textured surfaces that can be taken into cushions, accessories, bags, shoes, hats,  vessels, panels, wall-hangings and so on -

What is the course about & what you will we cover?     The course will cover a range of hand stitch methods, including, linear, isolated, & composite stitches – You will look at historical applications and then be shown how to develop & extend upon those stitches to make them innovative, exciting and totally ‘out of the box’. You will use both traditional embroidery threads, as well as mixed media  materials such as string, raffia, plastic bags, fabric strips, wire & so on.

You will also cover basic methods of applying colour to your background fabrics and look at ways using basic design principles to create a series of designs that demonstrate borders, motifs and all over pattern.  These designs will then be worked using the stitch methods covered.

You will also look at simple methods of how to dye your own embroidery threads.
You will learn how to create your own print blocks from your own designs.
You will learn how to raise the embroidered surface to create rich textural stitched textile.

What can I expect to achieve? By the end of this course you should be able to:   
·         Build up a knowledge of a range of embroidery stitches, their traditional and experimental approaches and      applications.
·         Gain an understanding of using stitch & threads to create rich textured surfaces.
·         Learn how to create simple designs for borders, motifs & all over pattern which could be used for pillowcase /beddlinen edgings, on clothing, ribbons wall panels, accessories etc., etc.).
·         Learn how to colour your own background fabric and apply your designs.
·         Learn how to create your own print blocks
·         Know how to dye your own  silk and natural fibre threads.
All Students:   All students would be able to learn stitches, create interesting stitch surfaces, be able to colour and add designs to background fabrics, use embroidery & innovative threads, & dye their own

Students with some experience will also:     Be able to push and develop a greater understanding and knowledge of stitched textiles and working methods.
What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?*
The course is suitable for beginners & those with some experience.
You should be able to follow simple written and verbal instructions to support demonstrations, hand-outs and for health and safety information, and will be invited to take part in group discussion. You should be able to use numbers and be able to do simple measurements and calculations.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?*

You will be shownt practical exercises, which are supported by demonstrations, discussions, illustration and handouts. Tutorials will take place individually, with small groups and with the group as a whole. Extension exercises can be set if requested, to be completed at home.

Are there any other costs (e.g. certification, materials, equipment or books I need to buy)? Is there anything I need to bring?*
Basic materials are provided, but you can also bring your own threads, scissors, needles and neutral fabrics should you wish.
What feedback will I get?

You will receive regular feedback from your tutor throughout the course, as and when appropriate. At the end of the course you and your tutor will assess the progress you have made.  (very informally & friendly)!

City & Guilds, Creative Sketchbooks

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer the Level 2 City & Guilds Creative Sketchbooks Course by e- learning/distance learning.

Level 2 is run over 30 weeks of studey (average student time of 8 hours per week)

The time to complete the course can vary from student to student, but thats the beauty of our distance courses, you can choose to go at your own pace.

If you are interested please contact us on or call 07773 351550 for further details.

Textile Print Processes

Textile Print Processes
dynamic exampes of tutors work to inspire.