Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A DESIGN, COLLAGE & stitch workshop with SANDRA MEECH!

Hi everyone, just thought I would share some images with you of our recent Design, Collage & Stitch workshop which was run by Sandra Meech.
An inspiring three day workshop with a generous and inspirational tutor!

Everyone had a wonderful time painting papers, mark-making and designing personal pages with collage and colour.  These little treasured sketchbooks were created by working individual signatures, which were then combined to produce a fabulous dictionary of reference pages which can be continued to be worked upon to inspire future work.  woven stitching of the signatures resulted in scrummy detail along the spines.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

NEW FOR 2012

New for 2012
Master Class in Textiles
These monthly sessions are suitable for those who work with in the textiles / mixed media fields, at an advanced level (at least level 5 qualification).  It is an opportunity to gain continual professional development, to challenge and stimulate new ways of thinking within their own personal practice. . During the sessions, you will be encouraged to bring and discuss ongoing work or to explore new lines of research.  Please note this is not a technique led course, but will provide support, advice and possible suggestions of routes to investigate, through one-to-one mentoring and peer feedback.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Currently running:-
Design, collage in a stitchbound sketchbook.
Tutor Sanda Meech

Designing for impact and Scale.  Mar 1st.

·      This workshop looks at how to create large scale designs or installations, by expanding and developing, either by simplification, manipulation or changing elements and scale from initial design sources. Both 2D & 3D approaches will be explored. It will take you out of your comfort  zone!
      This workshop aims to make you consider, think and go beyond design methods you are comfortable with which will result in producing much freer and more dynamic ideas that can be taken further into your own areas of personal interest.  The emphasis is on LARGE SCALE – think installations, think BIG TEXTILES.!
Tutor - Dawn Thorne
Course fee - £45.00
Course code AD6

Creative Feltmaking. Mar 8th & Mar 15th.  
This 2 day course is designed to show the diversity and potential of hand made felt, from creating basic felt, as well as cobweb, fine, thick & sculptural methods. You will explore developmental techniques which expand on
traditional methods.
Tutor - Dawn Thorne
Course Fee - £75.00
Course Code - ALT7

Waxed Cloths - (paper & fabric) - Mar 22nd
This mixed media workshop will explore drawing with wax resists techniques. You will create a range of exciting translucent papers and fabrics that will be patched and pieced together and embellished further with stitch. The aim will be to encourage you to work in a dimensional manner, layering, manipulating and constructing your final work.

Tutor - Amarjeet Nandhra
Course Fee £55
Course Code - ALT8

Knotted Structures - April 26th & May 3rd
Flat Shape to Form
Learn and explore knotless netting techniques from around the word.
Design and create flexible and rigid 3 dimensional structure. Experiment with scale, explore the qualities of wire, paper, fibre, plastic, cane and other materials. No previous experience needed.
Tutor - Shuna Rendell (62 Group)
Course Fee - £95.00
Course Code - ALT10

This workshop is a practical guide to exploring the application of fibre reactive dyes on to fabric.   Adopting a painterly approach, the set exercises will cover colour, design, layering using different consistency of dyes - thick and thin, and transparency.    Mark making using rollers, brushes, writing will also be an important aspect of the workshop.   You will be encouraged to work big and bold!
Tutor - Amarjeet Nandhra
Course fee - £140
Course Code - ALT11

WAX WORKS (encaustic Art) - June 21st, 28th & July 5th
This experimental Encaustic workshop will provide a basic understanding of the technique, you will cover topics of supports and preparation, fusing and demonstrations of a wide variety of painting, layering, collage, image transfer and mixed media techniques using photographs and drawings. It will provide an opportunity for you to begin your exploration into the wonderful possibilities of encaustic art.Tutor - Amarjeet Nandhra
Course Fee - £140
Course Code ALD13

Textile Print Processes

Textile Print Processes
dynamic exampes of tutors work to inspire.